Tested For You: From The Track To The Boardroom With The New WEMPE Iron Walker 
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Tested For You: From The Track To The Boardroom With The New WEMPE Iron Walker

Last May, WEMPE launched its new branded timepiece, the Iron Walker. Fresher, dynamic, and durable, this new collection has the younger crowd in mind. As with every cool new watch, Watchonista decided to put it to the test.

By Viviana Shanks

Located on the iconic Fifth Avenue, our partner retailer WEMPE is where New Yorkers like to go for their luxury timepieces. Fifth Avenue is a pied-à-terre for both the German retailer and the new WEMPE Iron Walker as it took inspiration from the construction workers (called Iron Walkers) who balanced themselves on steel girders while building the skyscrapers that today dot the landscape of this iconic avenue. Almost like they were dancing in these dizzying heights, these men were nothing less than courageous and built New York City as we know it today. 

Keeping that in mind, this timepiece is meant to be as dauntless as those men, built to be the perfect fit for the confident businessman and woman or the daring sportsman. From the classic hour-minute to the chronograph or to the diver, WEMPE gives us a watch for every occasion. That is why we took the new WEMPE Iron Walker collection to its natural habitats. And as WEMPE's U.S. President, Rüdiger Albers, said, "It was love at first sight." 

Drivers! Start Your Engines!

The Iron Walker is the ideal companion for a sporty lifestyle thanks to its robustness and undeniable comfort. So, we took it for a hot lap on the racetrack at the Monticello Motor Club to check out not only our cars’ limits but also the Iron Walker’s. True, we are far from being professional race car drivers, but who can say no to a day at such an enticing road course?

While driving a muscle car, the Iron Walker Chronograph was like a second skin on the wrist, comfortable and reliable. Lap after Lap, the chronograph calculated our progress with German precision. After finally getting used to the track, it was perfect for measuring our progress. From the sidelines, the WEMPE Iron Walker's three-handed hour-minute watch was as comfortable in repose as the chronograph was in action. Enjoying the view of the cars bathed in sunlight as they flew by, the hour-minute Iron Walker was so agreeable we almost forgot we were wearing the timepiece. 

The Boardroom 

The days of meetings in crowded, stuffy boardrooms are a thing of the past. In this new world, the boardroom looks more like your living room. Even so, you still have to be presentable for your boss or employees on the other end of the video call. And what better way to make a great impression than by wearing an elegant timepiece? Pro-Tip: It's also a great conversation starter while waiting for a Zoom meeting to begin. 

Considering the current situation, it was hard to put the watch through a boardroom test, but we tried. Dressed in our smartest working-from-home-business-casual attire, the Iron Walker helped us get into work mode and keep track of the time. Its casual business style made us feel dressier and ready to conquer the day. Then, when “Zooming” with our Watchonista colleagues, the watch sparked interest and curiosity. Finally, at the end of our workday, the watches accompanied us on our daily walk and kept us company during an evening reading session on the terrace.

Integrated Elegance

WEMPE made quite the bang at the end of May as they launched not just one piece but the entire Iron Walker collection. With more affordable pricing and a young, sporty, and dynamic design, the collection was an immediate success. The models all come on an integrated metal bracelet with unique T-shaped links that is easy to size and sits comfortably on the wrist. The Iron Walker is a collection designed for both men and women. 

"The WEMPE Iron Walker was an instant success as we hit the nail on the head. The strong design is instantly appealing and the quality palpable. We believe it's a terrific addition to our lineup," said Rüdiger Albers, WEMPE USA President.

Powered by Swiss-made movements and assembled in Glashütte, Germany, the timepieces come with blue, black, and white dials. The sizes start at 36mm for the lady's version and go up to 42mm for the diver. As Albers explained, "With our many years of experience, we were able to integrate all important features into these new watches from a technical aspect. For example, our chronometer-certified movements and safety clasp to the aesthetics with various finishes of the case and integrated bracelet to create a sophisticated watch for everyday wear."

Having thought of both men and women, WEMPE allows for the possibility of a great his and hers gift. The Iron Walker is an ideal gift for any special occasion, be it an anniversary, wedding, or “just because.”

Where to Find It?

The collection is available now at the WEMPE Boutique located at 700 Fifth Avenue (on the corner of 55th Street and Fifth Avenue), where the Peninsula Hotel is located. WEMPE NYC is following strict CDC guidelines to make your shopping experience safe and enjoyable. Learn more at WEMPE's website.

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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